Yellowstone Wolf update

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Yellowstone Wolf update

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Hatten wir, glaube ich, noch nicht...
“Wolf pups at Slough Creek!”—words that warm the heart of wolf watchers everywhere! For the first time since 2010 (when Lamar Canyon alpha “The ’06 Female” denned there), we have a den in view, and we get to watch the pups grow up!
All wolves, male and female alike, love puppies, but nobody loves these pups more than the black male yearling does! Even before they were old enough to come out of the den, he would stick most of his body into the den hole to see them, leaving just his happily wagging tail outside for all to see.

It’s easy to see that the black male yearling just relishes his role as favorite uncle. He is in seventh Heaven as he plays with them down in the meadow or lies on the porch, allowing the pups to crawl all over him.

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Mir geht bei solchen Nachrichten das Herz auf... :pleased: :pleased: :pleased:

Ich wünsche allen Welpen und ihren Familien ein langes, gesundes Leben und blinde, tatterige "Jäger"...

"Lernt mit uns zu leben, denn wir sind nicht mehr viele..."
Canis lupus

"Gesegnet ist das Land, in dem viele Wölfe laufen..."
Sprichwort der Comanches