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Wolfssymposium: Wolves Across Borders 2022 (Skandinavien)

Verfasst: 28. Sep 2020, 23:00
von Dr_R.Goatcabin
... Ich fange schon mal an zu sparen, damit ich dort vielleicht den einen oder anderen Kollegen treffen kann, den ich sonst nur aus Papern kenne. :D Die Organisatoren (Tallian, Wikenros, Wabakken etc.) kenne ich schon aus der Literatur.

Wolves Across Borders - Conference on Wolf Ecology and Management
Wolves have always been at the center of human-wildlife conflict, and their management is politically polarized and contentious. Furthermore, the world’s wolf population ranges across an incredibly diverse collection of countries which represent a broad spectrum of cultures, environments, economies, and government structures. This is especially true in Eurasia, where wolves cross between the borders of over 50 different nations. Variation in cultural values, political objectives, monitoring strategies, and knowledge base about local wolf populations makes cross-border management complex. Our goal is to facilitate open conversation and knowledge exchange between nations that support wolf populations and the researchers, managers, non-profits, and stakeholders that work with wolf ecology, management, and conflict resolution.

Re: Wolfssymposium: Wolves Across Borders 2022 (Skandinavien)

Verfasst: 14. Dez 2021, 11:23
von Dr_R.Goatcabin
Wolves Across Borders Conference Rescheduled for May 7-11, 2023

Due to uncertainty surrounding travel restrictions because of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Wolves Across Borders Conference has been postponed until May 7-11, 2023. Please see the revised deadlines on our website Note that all submitted volunteer applications, travel grant requests, and presentation abstracts are in our file, and will be included for consideration during the decision process next year. If you would like to update a submission, you may do so by sending a new one at any time before the new deadlines in 2022. Thanks for your patience as we navigate these trying times!

Naja, vielleicht komme ich bis dahin unverhofft zu Vermögen, und kann Nina als teuren Kofferkuli fürs Djurönäset-Hotel anheuern.